Nahla Deluxe 18-inch Doll
Detail of jumpsuit outfit
Nahla wearing jupsuit
Detail of garden accessoires
Nahla wearing garden accessories
Nahla package detail
Nahla Deluxe 18-inch Doll
Detail of jumpsuit outfit
Nahla wearing jupsuit
Detail of garden accessoires
Nahla wearing garden accessories
Nahla package detail Category: .


Deluxe Doll #BD31064

Grow a friendship garden with this posable 18-inch doll!

Beauty is in bloom! This gardening gear is as pretty as the flowers you’re growing.
Good things are growing in the garden of dreams with the Our Generation Deluxe 18-inch Doll – Nahla, a beautiful posable doll with hazel eyes and curly brown hair.
Because there has never been a generation like us. We’re doing important things like collecting signatures for charities, teaching our families to recycle, and caring for the world and all of the cool creatures that live on it. We are having the time of our lives and enjoying every minute of it. This is our time. This is our story.

Garden Accessories for 18-inch Dolls!

Nahla is a posable doll who can bend at the knees and elbows. Her neck, shoulders, and hips rotate and she can be posed in many different ways! Nahla wears an adorable one-piece jumpsuit with a geometric pattern and ruffled sleeves, and she comes with two pairs of shoes – her everyday, comfy orange flats, and her special gardening shoes! This set includes everything Nahla needs to work in the garden, like kneepads to help her kneel in the garden, a pink and white striped gardening apron with lots of pockets for garden treasures, and gardening gloves. The tools, bucket, seed packs, and labels will help Nahla grow her vegetables! With the storybook “A Garden Where Friendship Grows”, read about Nahla’s adventures as she learns about gardening and making friends at a new school. This easy-to-read book is suitable for younger readers and also makes a great bedtime story. Chapters let you easily pause in your reading along the way. Create your own stories with this inspiring collection!

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Small parts.

Not for children under 3 years.
4.00 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
(5 reviews)
Comes with:
  • 1 posable 18-inch doll
  • 1 jumpsuit
  • 1 pair of undies
  • 1 apron
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • 1 pair of gardening gloves
  • 1 hair bow
  • 1 pair of knee pads
  • 1 small rake
  • 1 small shovel
  • 1 bucket
  • 2 garden markers
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 pepper
  • 1 zucchini
  • 3 seed envelopes
  • 1 book
Product Details:

    All About Nahla
    Recreate Nahla's adventures with this inspiring set!

  • 18-inch posable doll with curly, brown hair and hazel eyes
  • Includes jumpsuit outfit and many garden accessories; 21 items total.
  • Follow Nahla's story in the chapter book!
  • Compatible with most 18-inch dolls including American Girl and Journey Girl
  • Suggested for Age 3+ (small parts)
  • No batteries required

Caring for Your Our Generation Doll


Nahla arrives with her hair pulled back in two low ponytails, but you can style her hair in a lot of different ways!
First things first - haircare for your doll will be easier with the proper tools!
For dolls like Nahla with very curly hair, we recommend using a wide-tooth, flexible comb and always working with very small sections at a time.
You may also need a small spray bottle filled with water. The best kind to use will be able to spray a very fine mist (instead of a strong jet).
Second, make sure to avoid heat and styling products on your doll's hair (and body)! Heated styling tools like hair dryers or straighteners, and products like gels or mousses, can permanently damage your doll.

Even though doll hair looks a lot like real people's hair, it doesn't behave exactly the same way, and it can be harder for it to return to its original shape once it has been straightened. The secret to curls is in their ends! Curly doll hair usually comes in natural sections that have the ends grouped together. We recommend brushing curly hair very gently at the ends. It will help to preserve the curls if you start by combing with your fingers instead of using a brush. If her curls are falling flat, you can divide the hair into small sections, lightly mist with water, combing the section with a wide comb or your fingers, and then very tightly twisting the section into a tight spiral. You may wish to pin it in place to let it air dry. You can also do the same process but use very tight braids instead of spirals. Whichever method you use, please be gentle with curly hair!

Styling curly hair is a lot of fun! You can braid it, put it into ponytails, do a half-up / half-down style - the only limit is your imagination! Styles that don't require the hair to be strongly brushed will help keep the original, tight curls in place longer.

Important Tips

OG Dolls are always ready for fun and adventure. Just remember - the BEST kind of adventure for your OG Doll is in your imagination!
Your Our Generation doll has a cuddly, soft body that should not get wet. Pretend swimming is ok! But please do not submerse your doll in water.
OG Dolls love pretending to play on the beach, but please make sure not to let your doll sit in the sun for too long…exposure to heat of any kind can cause serious harm to your doll!
We know you will do everything you can to keep your doll happy and healthy.

A Garden Where Friendship Grows

A few tiny seeds have grown into a very big idea! Nahla's science project turns out to be the start of a group garden on her school's rooftop. During their lunch hour, students put on their gardening gloves to plant, weed and water.

Ratings & Reviews (5)
  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I also have to disagree with the previous posts about Nahla’s curly hair – its just like my daugter’s! I also have Kaylee who has curly hair and we finger comb their hair just like I finger comb my daughter’s. We also have Patience and Suyin, so she gets to see the different lengths, colors, and textures of hair. Very good job creating diversity with these dolls!

  2. Rated 3 out of 5

    You advertised that Nahla is bendable but the one I bought my granddaughter for her birthday is stiff and not bendable. I carried to England from the US and am disappointed!

    • Hi Susan! We’re so sorry that you’ve experienced issues with your Nahla doll. Nahla is a posable doll, meaning that she bends at the elbows and knees (not all parts are bendable, only in those areas). Please reach out to our customer service at and we will do our best to help!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Disagree with the other commenters about Nahla’s hair- it’s part of what I completely love about her!! I think I’d find her boring with straight hair, and I honestly don’t find it very hard to deal with. My 7yr old son can style it, so I don’t see an issue.

    She’s a beautiful doll with a fantastic ‘personality’. Dolls with a unique sense of self are the best thing ever, and I love love love Nahla. She fits right in with my Sia (and her gorgeous curls!) and my April, and my Matilda Australian Girl Doll (another curly haired doll- some of us LOVE the option!) as something really special and fast becoming my favourite.

    I appreciate the OG team’s response to the critisism of the hair. Diversity is just so hard to find in dolls, and it’s amazing to see a company embracing different face moulds and skin tones and hair types. Great for kids to find dolls that look like them, and it makes it so much fun for us doll collectors!!

    The entire doll feels quality, with great form and balance to the actual doll, hair that feels nice to touch, clear eyes and nicely formed face, a good outfit that looks nice (that I don’t instantly want to strip off and replace), and the accessories are awesome- especially for someone who quite enjoys gardening, like me! All adds to building that ‘person’ out of a doll, while still creating something that kids can connect and imagine anything with and create their own personality to attach to their doll. I love these dolls!

    So happy with this one. Thanks so much, OG, you guys make the hobby a pleasure. Keep up the great work!

  4. Rated 3 out of 5

    I totally agree with you on the hair topic Lindsay 😡 I want to braid, and play with her hair. Isn’t that the best part of having a doll, doing their hair? If any girls look at the reviews on this doll, tell me if you totally agree with me, the best thing on a doll, is her/his hair. And it’s a shame, if you can’t do anything with it. 😢

    • Hi girls! We’re so happy that you like Nahla. We think it’s important to make our doll’s hair in a variety of styles, just like real people’s hair. Very curly hair like Nahla’s can be styled in many different ways, you just have to carefully explore what you can do! For example, we really like putting Nahla’s hair into a braided ponytail or two braided pigtails, or putting it into a high bun, or two small buns! We encourage you to try out the different options, and if you need some tips check out this part of our website:

  5. Rated 4 out of 5

    Everything about her I like but the only thing I can do to the naylas hair is pigtails and fingetstyling

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