Hally Deluxe 18-inch Doll with Storybook
hally wearing school outfit
Detail of school outfit
Hally wearing gym outfit
Detail of gym outfit
Detail of accessories
Hally Deluxe 18-inch Doll with Storybook
hally wearing school outfit
Detail of school outfit
Hally wearing gym outfit
Detail of gym outfit
Detail of accessories
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Deluxe Doll #BD31012

Have oodles of back-to-school fun with this posable 18-inch doll!

I’m ready for anything! (Even the first day of school.)
Follow your fortune with Hally, the Deluxe Our Generation 18-inch Doll with long, blonde hair and blue eyes.
Because there has never been a generation like us. We’re following family traditions while creating some really cool ones of our own, like teaching our younger cousins to recycle and collecting dresses for girls who would have otherwise gone without. We play hopscotch, jump rope, and jacks until we’re out of breath from laughing and just can’t hop, jump, or jack one more time. This is our time. This is our story.

School Accessories for 18-inch Dolls!

What secrets can a lucky fortune cookie reveal?

Hally is a posable 18-inch doll who can bend at the knees and elbows. Her neck, shoulders, and hips rotate and she can be posed in many different ways! She has long, blonde hair that comes in two braids. She has bright blue eyes that close when she lies down. She has a lot of traditions, such as opening a fortune cookie before the beginning of school each year. Follow along with Hally in the storybook “One Smart Cookie” and see where here fortune cookie takes her! You can create your own stories with this inspiring collection. Hally has two complete outfits, including a school uniform with shirt, vest, skirt, knee socks, and shoes, and a casual outfit with a shirt, shorts, and sneakers. She has her very own fortune cookie accessory, so you can see what kind of message she receives this year!

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Small parts.

Not for children under 3 years.
Comes with:
  • 1 posable 18-inch doll
  • 1 plaid skirt
  • 1 coordinating shirt with attached vest
  • 1 pair of socks
  • 1 pair of shoes
  • 1 pair of gym shorts
  • 1 gym shirt
  • 1 pair of sneaker
  • 1 pair of undies
  • 1 fortune cookie
  • 1 fortune cookie box
  • 1 backpack
  • 1 notebook
  • 1 report card
  • 1 chapter book
  • 1 bookmark
Product Details:

    All About Hally

  • 18-inch posable doll with long, curly blonde hair and blue eyes
  • Includes 2 outfits and fun accessories
  • Follow Hally's story in the chapter book!
  • Compatible with most 18-inch dolls including American Girl and Journey Girl
  • Suggested for Age 3+ (small parts)
  • No batteries required

Caring for Your Our Generation Doll


Hally arrives with her hair in two adorable braids, but you can style her hair in a lot of different ways!
First things first - haircare for your doll will be easier with the proper tools!
We recommend using a round-tipped wire brush.
You will also need a small spray bottle filled with water. The best kind to use will be able to spray a very fine mist (instead of a strong jet).
Second, make sure to avoid heat and never use styling products on your doll's hair (or body)! Heated styling tools like hair dryers or straighteners and products like gels or mousses can permanently damage your doll.

When you first undo Hally's braids, her hair might be a little kinked from staying in one style for so long as she made her journey to you.
To help straighten her hair, we recommend very lightly misting her hair with water - not too much! - to remove static and make the hair easier to brush.
Next, use the wire brush and very gently but firmly brush Hally's hair, starting at the ends and working your way up. Let her hair air-dry, and repeat this process until her hair is as straight as you like it!

Important Tips

OG Dolls are always ready for fun and adventure. Just remember - the BEST kind of adventure for your OG Doll is in your imagination!
Your Our Generation doll has a cuddly, soft body that should not get wet. Pretend swimming is ok! But please do not submerse your doll in water.
OG Dolls love pretending to play on the beach, but please make sure not to let your doll sit in the sun for too long…exposure to heat of any kind can cause serious harm to your doll!
We know you will do everything you can to keep your doll happy and healthy.

One Smart Cookie

Can a tiny piece of paper tucked inside a fortune cookie really predict what the future holds? Just ask Hally. She has plenty of experience in the fortune cookie department. Every year on the night before the very first day of school, Hally and her best friend go with their families to the Lucky Wow Chow Restaurant. Hally is 100% absolutely sure that fourth grade is going to be her best year yet. That is, until she cracks open the cookie. Is this how the cookie crumbles? Or is good fortune in her future?