Hello From 2021!

Our OG Crafters Kimmy and Suzee are working on a time capsule project for school, and this activity requires lots of imagination, fun, and excitement because after they complete their capsules, they’re going to find it in the future and enjoy a sweet trip back to the past!

Never heard of a time capsule? A time capsule is a jar, box, or container that stores items like photos, letters, or other objects that you love. Then, it’s hidden away for your future self to find at a later date. And when you open it, you’ll be able to see if some of your favorite items and passions have changed or stayed the same along the way!

Follow along with Kimmy and Suzee to create your own time capsule with our activity sheet and step-by-step guide below. Then use their ideas to gain extra inspiration on what to put inside!


Art Supplies Needed:


  • An empty container: shoebox, jar, plastic bin, or other storage capsule
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape
  • Sheets of paper or construction paper
  • Paint, stickers, markers… anything you want to use to decorate!


*Safety first: this DIY craft requires scissors to cut out the paper. Please get help from an adult to make sure you complete this activity safely.


Let’s Choose Containers

First things first. You need to determine which container you’ll be using to hold your items. For Kimmy, she’s decided to add physical items to her time capsule, so she’ll be using a shoebox to keep everything tidy.

Suzee has chosen to go with a Mason jar, since she’ll be writing down her memories, goals, and favorite items on slips of paper to read in the future. 

Other storage containers work great for this activity too, like a plastic bin to store larger items, a wooden/metal box if you’re thinking of burying your capsule outdoors, or other canning jars for easier storage.


Decorate Your Time Capsule!

Gather your art supplies and start beautifying your container. Each art supply works well with any type of container above, so you can be as creative as you like — there are no limits to your imagination! 

Kimmy and Suzee are starting with titles to put on their containers:



  1. Cut out a piece of paper or construction paper (with adult supervision) to label your time capsule. Kimmy is writing “Time Capsule Celebration!” directly on her shoebox. 

  2. Next, use the glue/tape to stick the label in the center. Suzee’s jar will read: “Suzee’s Time Capsule!”

  3. Optional: Add stickers and draw fun designs with paint and colored markers to decorate your containers even more!

  4. When you’ve finished decorating, pick a date to open your time capsule (it should be far away in the future). Kimmy and Suzee are choosing to open theirs together in exactly 5 years from now! Which special day will you pick?



Into the Time Capsule!

Now is the fun part! It’s time to choose which items will go into your containers. Here are a few ideas that you can use as inspiration:

For her celebration theme, Kimmy is collecting:

  • photos and cards from her past birthdays
  • a keepsake from her first sporting event
  • her favorite book
  • homemade art projects

Suzee is making a more personalized jar, and she’s including:

  • a written note to her future self
  • what she loves the most about herself
  • a list of goals that she wants to achieve by the time she opens her jar
  • her favorites list of movies, music, hobbies, and school subjects


The Perfect Hiding Spot

Keep your time capsule safe by hiding it in the perfect place. It can be somewhere in your room, up in the attic, tucked away in the garage, or anywhere inside your house. You can also get help from your parents to find a great spot where no one else will find it. 

Kimmy is going to put her time capsule in the back of her bedroom closet, while Suzee will hide it inside the top drawer of her dresser. Neat!

*Fun Tip: Keep a reminder of where your time capsule is hiding by creating a map to mark the spot!

Once the time has passed and the big day arrives, you’ll open up your time capsule and be transported back to the past! You’ll remember all the great memories, dreams, and passions you had when you were younger – how exciting!

DIY Gratitude Jar Activity

Learn how to make your own Gratitude Jar by decorating it with your favorite colors and collecting all your happy moments!

Each day, try to think of something that made you smile, a friend or family member’s name, or special items that you have and write them all down on slips of paper to place inside the jar. You can also draw pictures to practice your artistic skills!

Come back to your jar when you need a little inspiration, or take a trip back in time by reading all the wonderful things that you were grateful for in the past!

Gather the supplies below and follow our easy 3-step guide to get started:


  • An empty jar or container
  • Slips of paper and/or label
  • Colored markers
  • Scissors
  • Optional: paint, stickers, or ribbons

*Safety first: this DIY craft requires scissors to cut out the paper. Please get help from an adult to make sure you complete this activity safely.




  1. Choose a color and decorate your jar with fun designs, stickers, and other supplies. Optional: You can also paint your jars in your favorite colors to make it extra bright and personal!
  2. Next, use a slip of paper to create a label and add a title with the colored markers. We’re thinking of Gratitude Jar or Happy Moments!
  3. Lastly, make a list of everything you’re grateful for on separate slips of paper and start filling up your jar. You can also use the OG Gratitude ABCs Worksheet for inspiration!