3 Easy Steps to Make DIY Pom Pom Teddy Bears

Your dolls will love having their very own cuddly and cute mini teddy bear to snuggle all night! These DIY Pom Pom Teddy Bears are quick and easy to make, and make a great gift – for your doll’s birthday, as a holiday gift, or for any special occasion you can think of!

Make a few extras and give them to your friends as a gift for their dolls!

Here are the detailed step-by-step instructions for making DIY Pom Pom Teddy Bears:





Infographic for making DIY Pom Pom Teddy Bears


  • Various sizes of Pom Poms (you can choose whatever colors you’d like!)
  • Small felt heart, or heart gem
  • Black Puffy fabric glue
  • Glue gun (and glue sticks)





  1. Select the pom poms you’ll use to create your teddy bear
  2. Use the glue gun to glue the pom poms together (children will need adult supervision for this step)
  3. Use the Puffy fabric glue to create eyes or any other designs you’d like to have on your teddy bear


Once your teddy bear has dried (overnight), it’s ready to be shared with your OG BFF! ❤️


Did you know?

The original teddy bear was named after US President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. Teddy bears are still one of the most popular gifts given to children, and even to adults to ‘signify love, congratulations, or sympathy.’


The DIY Pom Pom Teddy Bears are also a perfect craft to make at a Sleepover Party! Your guests can each make a Pom Pom Teddy Bear to give to your OG dolls!


For even more sleepover fun, check out our Guide to Our Generation sleepover toys, explore our New! Sleepover Theme, and check out our how-to guide: 12 Steps for the Perfect Sleepover!  What other great sleepover ideas do you have?

Quick and Simple DIY Name Bracelets

Want to show your doll some love and create a bracelet that you can wear with her name on it? Make a DIY Name Bracelet with your doll’s name on it!

It’s like carrying a part of your doll around with you every day! ❤️










  • Stretchy bead cord (0.7mm)
  • Color beads
  • Letter beads


  1. Cut a piece of cord around 1 foot long (or long enough to go around your wrist with enough left over to tie the ends together easily)
  2. Tie a few knots around 2 inches from the end of the cord
  3. Add several color beads to your string (as many as required)
  4. Add your letter beads to spell out your doll’s name
  5. Add several more color beads to your string to complete your bracelet
  6. Now your bracelet is ready to wear! So pretty!

You can keep the same pattern of colors on both sides of the name, or use random colors. It’s totally up to you!

Every bracelet is a unique expression of the person who made it. That’s what makes each bracelet so special!

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Sweet Hearts for Sweethearts! DIY Valentine’s Candy Jar


Learn how to make a DIY Valentine’s Candy Jar!

This adorable jar of sweet treats makes a great gift for your favorite dolls, your friends, your family, or anyone who loves candy!

Why not try making a few extras and giving them to someone as a surprise! After all, OG Kids love sharing their glowing hearts with the people around them!

When all the candy is gone, your dolls can keep the jar – it’s just the right size for a doll kitchen!





DIY Heart Candy Jar Infographic   






  • Red ribbon
  • Small Valentine’s candies (e.g. cinnamon hearts)
  • Mini jars
  • Heart stickers



1. Cut your ribbon to roughly 18” long (or long enough to tie a bow around the tops of your jars)





2. Pour your candy into the jars




3.  Decorate your jars with your stickers




4. Give them to your friends!




Sweethearts Candy Hearts Picture




Did you know?

The conversation heart candies (Sweethearts Candies) have been a favorite for many children on Valentine’s day for a long time.

Did you know that these candy hearts have been around since 1901?!? That’s a looooong time for a candy to stay so popular!

The company responsible for making this popular candy actually changed the flavors in 2010, but the original flavors of this classic candy had so many fans, the change didn’t last long.

Flowers of Friendship – DIY Flower Bracelet Tutorial




Learn how to make your very own flower friendship bracelets, just like Katelyn does in her storybook “A Blizzard on Moose Mountain”!

These easy-to-make bracelets are perfect for giving as gifts to your dolls, your best friends, and your family members.

We bet you won’t be able to make just one! 😉







  • Stretchy bead cord (0.7mm)
  • Crafting beads (8mm)



  1. Cut a long piece of cord (around 2.5 feet long)
  2. Tie a few knots around 2 inches from the end of the cord
  3. Thread 6 beads onto the cord for the flower
  4. Loop back through the first bead and then add a yellow (or different color) bead for the center of the flower
  5. Then loop through the bead next to the center of the flower on the opposite side
  6. Add a couple of green beads (or different colored beads) as separators
  7. Continue the process of making flowers by repeating steps #3-#6 until you have the desired length for the bracelet (and it fits around your wrist)
  8. Tie a knot at the end of the bracelet, and then tie the two ends together a few times to make sure it’s secure


Did you know?

The colored beads have many meanings in the Native American culture. Some of these meanings are listed below:

  • Yellow (truth, growth, love)
  • Red (birth, clarity, new beginnings)
  • Black (lessons, adult, sunset)
  • White (purity, renewal, winter)
  • Blue (sky, water, spirit)
  • Green (earth, healing, health)

How did your bracelet turn out? We’d love to see what you made! Share pictures of your beautiful friendship flower creations with us on Instagram or Facebook!