Gift Guide: Pizza-Themed Our Generation Dolls and Accessories!


Get ready to cook, slice, and serve up delicious adventures this holiday with our Top 10 Pizza Toys! Find furniture sets, cute outfits, master chefs, and pizza-making playsets that will make every young cook imagine the pizza-bilities.

Psst! This list might make you crave a piece, hehe!









Get Baking with Our Master Chefs


Posable 18-inch Doll Pizza Chef Francesca
Pizza Chef Francesca
18-inch Chef Doll Chantel
Pasta Chef Chantel

Discover pizza-making magic with Francesca, 2 outfits, and an illustrated storybook to follow her adventures.

Like pizza and pasta, these creative chefs make the perfect team. Chantel loves to mix up the menu, and she can cook up delicious meals with just about any ingredient!





Deluxe Pizza Forever Fashion Outfit Clothes Accessories Skirt Glasses Play Food for 18-inch Dolls
Maddie Dressed in the Pizza Forever Outfit (Dolls sold separately)

A Slice of Fun Topped with Style


For the pizza fan who can’t go a day (or night) without their favorite food, add super cute outfits to their wardrobe for a taste of pizza fashion!

The Pizza Forever outfit includes a trendy ruffle skirt, tie-front top, and mix-and-match accessories to sprinkle a little extra cuteness on any activity!





Deluxe Pizza Party Dreams Pajama Outfit Pink Clothes Accessories for 18-inch Dolls
Martha in the Pizza Party Dreams Outfit
(Dolls sold separately)






Turn pizza days into slumber party play with the perfect pajama set and a comfy plush pillow! Shop Pizza Party Dreams.








Tasty Toppings Pizza Making Set for 18-inch Dolls
Tasty Toppings Accessory Set

Pizza Prep with Realistic Play Food Accessories


Learn how to bake homemade pizzas from start to finish with this complete pizza-making set that lets young chefs explore the joys of cooking! 

Shop Tasty Toppings.






Pizza Maker Oven Playset Toy Food for 18-inch Dolls
OG Pizza Oven Playset




Little chefs-to-be can bake up the perfect pizza pies every time with this electronic Pizza Oven playset, featuring a light and fire sound for pretend-play cooking!






Deliver A Smile

Bring home delicious favorites and explore pizza delivery play, from neighborhood traveling to up-to-the-door greetings!



OG Delivery Bike for 18-inch Dolls
OG Delivery Bicycle
Order's Up Play Food Pizza Delivery Set for 18-inch Dolls
Order’s Up Pizza Set


Rolling wheels, movable handle bars, and a food basket makes the Delivery Bicycle our go-to mode of transportation!

Whether you’re planning fun movie nights or craving a tasty combo, the Order’s Up Pizza Set opens the door to delivery role play – from packing up food orders to completing transactions!

Our Generation Easy Cheesy Pizzeria Table & Chairs Furniture 18-inch Dolls Francesca & Rashida
Francesca & Chantel at the Easy Cheesy Pizzeria (Dolls sold separately)



For the Ultimate Pizza Lover


Run the tastiest pizza shop in town or attend the grand opening with the OG Easy Cheesy Pizzeria, a fully stocked restaurant playset that includes 40+ realistic accessories to serve up smiles to every customer!

It features a light-up oven and neon sign, a fire sound to “cook” pizzas, 12 removable pizza pieces, and a foldable prep counter for an easy-cheesy cleanup!




Our Generation Easy Cheesy Pizzeria Playset Foldable Counter for 18-inch Dolls
Francesca & Rashida Dining with the Pizza with You Table & Chairs Set (Dolls and Pizzeria sold separately)



Complete your dream restaurant or set the scene for at-home dining with the Pizza with You table and chairs furniture set to celebrate every pizza party in fun style!










There are so many ways to play with Our Generation dolls and accessories. We hope this special Pizza-Themed gift guide has delivered fun ideas to explore on your next pizza adventure!


And check out more fun and excitement in the Our Generation neighborhood on Facebook and Instagram (@ogdolls)!

Johnny Preps for OG Camp

This summer, Johnny will be attending OG Camp for the first time. He’s really excited because he’s never been to a summer camp before. And he hears so many great stories from his friends every time they return home! But there’s one thing Johnny is feeling nervous about…

Read Johnny’s journal entry to learn how he’s overcoming his jitters as the big day gets closer and closer.








My New Adventure


It will be my first time going to summer camp. I asked my friend Tyler what it would be like, and he sounded really excited. He’s gone to OG Camp three times, and whenever he shares his stories, he says, “You have to come next time. The games and activities are lots of fun. And we spend most of our time outside!”

This year, Tyler is getting his wish. My parents are letting me go with him. But even though I’m excited to try something new, I’m also a little nervous. Other friends and classmates will be there, so I’m not too worried about meeting campers. What makes me nervous is that it’s a sleepaway camp. Which means I’ll have to spend every night away from home.

Tyler told me that it feels strange at first. You have to get used to sleeping in a new room, and sometimes you can hear outside noises like crickets and other insects. So he invited me for a sleepover at his house the last two weekends to help me practice being away from home. At least now I know a little more about what to expect.

I remember how I felt when I first played volleyball. My biggest challenge was learning how to serve. At first, I couldn’t; it just wouldn’t go over the net. But I fixed my aim, made sure to hit just below the center of the ball, and used lots of power! I guess it’s just like any new experience. One of the most challenging things is that you never know how it’s going to go. But with a bit of practice and preparation, it usually turns out A-OK, and you can end up having fun along the way!

I made a list of things to pack that might help me feel more comfortable if I get homesick, like my favorite volleyball jersey to wear during games and my journal—to keep track of all the camp routines so I can show my family each activity.

So far, I think I have most of it covered. Well, except for those noisy crickets, hehe.



Reading stories and writing in your journal are great ways to build your vocabulary. Try using some of the words in Johnny’s journal to describe a time when you felt nervous about trying something new!


Overcoming: having success when facing a problem.


Strange: something that is different from what you expect.


Challenge: a hard/difficult task.


A-OK: a fun way to say OK; very good.


Homesick: feeling unhappy when you are away from home.

9 Fun Ways to Celebrate the End of the School Year

The end of the school year is near! That means it’s time to celebrate with fun activities and games before the final bell rings.

Take some inspiration from our Awesome Academy class with 9 fun ways to end the school year and celebrate your achievements with friends!



What’s better than making a list? Filling it up with the best things ever!

Make a school-themed list of the top 10 things you learned over the semester, fun memories you had, or goals you achieved. Then get together with friends and share your selections!



Write a compliment for each student in your class and hand them out on your last day to help your classmates end the school year with a big smile!

Add crafts to the mix by using colors to personalize each note. That way, the other students can have a keepsake to remind them of your time together!



Which of your friends is most likely to be a future Olympian? Or who loves to travel the most?

Play our OG Superlatives game by writing the names of your classmates under the activity that best describes them. You can also add your own special topics to grow the list and create a mini yearbook for an end-of-semester event!



Make your summer dreams come true by creating a list of activities to do or try for the first time. From camping and stargazing to tasting new foods or building a backyard splash park, kick off this summer with a blast!



Film a movie with Mienna, take pizza-baking lessons from Francesca, or put on a concert like Layla!

Recreate scenes from your favorite books that you read this year or bring new stories to life with OG Friends to discover fun adventures!

Psst: check out all our stories on the OG Bookshelf for more inspiration!



Create the ultimate calendar month by filling up each day with activities and fun facts!

Write down things you learned or activities you performed and stick them to the days you accomplished them. At the end of the month, your calendar will be filled with knowledge, memories, and fun!

Here’s a fun fact to get you started: Today, I learned that 1 day on planet Venus is almost 8 months on Earth!



Make a playlist of your favorite songs that you heard this school year to celebrate a semester well done. Then have a dance party with friends and family to showcase your best dance moves!



Just like taking a picture to remember the first day of school, pose for a photo on the last day to include in a scrapbook and remember your journey. Then snap a few extra pictures with friends, family, and silly poses!



Dig into your creative skills and craft a thank you card to show your teachers how much you appreciated their help during the year! It was not an easy semester, and even a small, kind gesture will go a long way in supporting the ones who help us learn and achieve our dreams every day.


Congratulations on completing your school year!

7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

We’re getting ready to celebrate Earth Day! There are so many great ways to show how much we appreciate our planet—from little activities that help keep the earth healthy to fun habits we can perform every day. 


Our OG Friends have thought of 7 awesome ideas for this year’s big day. So let’s join in the fun with their activities and tips below!   









Headed somewhere? 

Hop on your bicycle, grab your OG Scooter, or head out for a walk when visiting nearby areas to stay active. Use these fun transportation ways to explore your community and reduce the amount of pollution that motor vehicles leave behind. 



One of the most popular and easiest ways everyone can help our planet is by using less electricity. 

Trade TV for fun stories on our  OG Bookshelf  and form a book club with friends. You can talk about your favorite characters and let your imagination run wild by creating your own adventures. Or help conserve energy by turning off the lights during the daytime to use the sunshine instead. 



The earth is made up of about 71% of water, but less than 1% of it is available for us to drink. That’s why it’s important for us not to waste large amounts of water every day. 

Turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth or shortening your shower by 1-2 minutes are simple ways that will help us save water for future generations. Complete our Energy Challenge Checklist to learn more ways to celebrate Earth Day! 



Plastic and paper bags can build up in landfills and end up in our oceanscausing problems for animals and marine life. Try switching to reusable bags when visiting your local markets and carry an eco-friendlier approach into your community. You can also use them for packing lunches, carrying items on a road trip, and much more!



You don’t have to go far to make an impact on Earth Day. Head to the backyard and fill your garden with plants, flowers, or a tree! Plants are important to the planet because they help clean the air and release oxygen for us to breathe. 

Take an extra colorful step and plant your favorite fruits and veggies. This will help reduce pollution by using less transportation to pick them up in stores! 



Take advantage of being outdoors by reminding yourself how beautiful our planet can be. Plan picnics with friends or family, have a fun yoga session in the backyard, or pack for a camping trip and discover all the amazing things nature has to offer! 



Help friends and family get involved with Earth Day by including them in your plans too. 

Teach those around you how they can lend a helping hand by creating color cards, each with a task or activity written inside that you can give out to classmates or neighbors to share your ideas. When more people participate, it gives our planet a better chance to shine! 

Psst:  Don’t forget to use recyclable materials when making cards! 

Awesome Academy: Acts of Kindness

Welcome to another edition of Awesome Academy: Class In Session! Today’s class is all about acts of kindness. Our teacher, Miss Taylor, is kicking off the month with a lesson plan to help us spread positivity to the people in our community.

We also have a fun, end-of-class assignment that includes printable OG Caring Cards! So find a comfortable seat, and let’s learn which acts of kindness we will perform this month.









Here’s one act of kindness that all of us can perform—being nice to someone at school.

Try giving a compliment to another student, share your favorite snack with them, or say hello to a classmate you haven’t spoken to in a while. If you’re feeling shy, write your compliment on a post-it note and leave it in their locker or on their desk. You can also hand out a note to your school secretary, bus driver, custodian, and others to brighten up their days too.

Take your acts of kindness one step further and encourage your teachers or parents to help other grown-ups feel more welcome. Kindness includes everybody!



Kindness also means taking care of your environment—and how to build on that kindness can be learned by turning everyday tasks into a fun activity!

Clean Your Room

Cleaning your room might sound like a chore, but it can actually lead to a kind habit! Turn it into a game by creating a step-by-step checklist of what you need to do and where everything goes. Soon, you’ll be able to make positive choices when it comes to keeping your living space clean and organized.


Take your cleaning habits to another level by learning how to recycle. Practice at home by searching for different items and determine which basket they belong in. Then use your knowledge to pick up litter that you find outside, at the park, or around your house to take care of the environment.

Helpful tip: Be on the lookout for recycling symbols to easily recognize the bins in public and continue practicing at school and within your community. Lending a helping hand can go a long way in protecting our planet for future generations.



Bring kindness into your community with these small but powerful acts to help spread positivity to those you meet.

Wave to your neighbors whenever you see them outside and hold the door open for others when entering a building. If someone is holding the door open for you, smile and say thank you. Because a few kind words can change anyone’s day!

The more you practice being polite, it starts to become natural. And once others around you notice, they’ll also learn how to be kind too.



Volunteering is another way to make an impact and help develop compassion for others; it’s one of the most important qualities to have!

If you have the opportunity, help reunite a lost pet with their owner or make a card for someone in the hospital. Or help a neighbor plant flowers in their garden and gather canned goods to drop off at your local food bank.

Any act of kindness has the potential to make a difference, no matter how little or how big the thought is.



For this week’s fun project, print out our OG Caring Cards and spread more kindness throughout your community!


1. Choose 1, 5, or 25 acts of kindness to perform.

2. Snap a picture to catch yourself being kind.

3. Tag us using #ogdolls to be featured on our social media page!



Ring! Ring! There goes the bell. We hope you enjoyed today’s lesson, and we’ll be back for more fun learning at Awesome Academy soon.


5 Steps for Planning the Perfect Egg Hunt

Hop into excitement and celebrate with friends and family by turning a classic game into a super fun egg hunt. There are so many eggcellent ways to prepfrom colorful decorations, fun prizes, and of course, types of eggs to hide and find! 

Whether you’re younger, a little older, or putting together an egg hunt for the very first time, follow our 5 easy steps to get everything ready for the big day. 

Let’s start prepping! 








The fun begins at the very beginning, and choosing the eggs for your egg hunt is the most important step. 

Although plastic eggs are easier when it comes to prepping and hiding, adding hard-boiled eggs into the mix can be just as much fun! Use paint, colored pencils, food coloring, or color dyes to create your own personal designs. Each decorating option can give your egg its own unique touch, no matter if you’re adding one bright color, designing a rainbow, or anything in between! 

TipStart decorating your eggs in advance to make sure you have enough time to get them ready. And remember that once decorated, hard-boiled eggs are not safe to eat.  



Bring extra fun to your egg hunt by giving out unique prizes at the end of the game! 

If you’re playing with plastic eggs, fill them up with chocolate treats, sweet candy, jelly beans, and other yummy favorites. Or add something extra special like the Rock n’ Sweet set and pet bunny to pair with your favorite dolls!

Another creative way to hand out prizes is to place tickets inside the eggs that lead to other gifts or rewards. Take a slip of paper or a raffle ticket and label each one with a prize or an activity. Then after the egg hunt, players can trade in each ticket to earn that prize.  

Some of our favorite activities or rewards involve: 

  • One night of camping—outdoors or in the living room. 
  • A butterfly hunt, sports day, or dance party.
  • One hot chocolate with a marshmallow or yummy milkshake.  
  • A bike riding adventure.
  • Baking a birthday cake on any day.

If you’re playing with hard-boiled eggs, not to worry. Instead of opening a ticket, have players trade in their collected eggs for a prize! All you need to do is determine how many eggs each prize will be worth.



Decorating your space is the next fun step when prepping for a scavenger hunt! 

Get your home ready to look the part with colorful balloons, ribbons, and streamers. Or hop into arts and crafts to create cut-out signs to guide players once the egg hunt has begun. 

You can also sprinkle a little decor in the backyard by cutting out shapes like bunnies, eggs, and more themed items from construction or card stock paper. Then use glue or tape to attach wooden craft sticks on the back and scatter them around the yard. Depending on how many players are joining in the egg hunt, the backyard might be the best option versus hosting the activity indoors—especially if the sun is shining!



Now that all your eggs have been decorated and filled with goodies, it’s time to find the perfect hiding spots! 

(Psst! Make sure none of the egg hunters are peaking as we reveal each hiding place!)  

If you’re hosting an egg hunt indoors, places like under the pillow, inside shoes, near favorite toys and stuffed animals, or in drawers and cupboards will make it a little extra challenging for older players. And outdoor spots like the garden, behind trees, or in the mailbox are also hidden gems for egg hunting experts 

To make it easier for younger players, try hiding the eggs in easy-to see or easy-to-reach places. Room corners, under an upside down bowl, or in flower pots low to the ground will be much less challenging. And you can also tie a balloon around the eggs to help lead players in a playful way!



Add another fun twist to your egg hunt by using riddles and clues that reveal where each egg is hiding!

Print out our Egg Scavenger Hunt Clues and hide the eggs in each location. Then read the clues aloud to each player to help them collect the missing eggs!

TipRemember, the egg hunt doesn’t end until every egg has been found. So make sure to keep track of each egg and how many are in play to know where they are.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Fun Spring Break Activities for Kids & Friends

Our OG Friends have given us a handful of ideas on how to fill each day with entertainment, education, and active play — with printable activity sheets for extra fun along the way! Whether you’re planning to spend time at home, exploring the outdoors, or putting your imagination to the test, these spring break activities will help create exciting moments with friends and family.  

Let’s celebrate!









Head outdoors to your local park or take an excursion through nature and try to spot the different critters and items in our activity sheet. Check off each one after you’ve found it, or keep track of how many you meet and enjoy a day of adventure. 

You can also bring your pets along for an extra helping paw! 



Add fun science to your spring break activities and perform an awesome experiment, courtesy of OG Inventor Amelia. Print out our science activity sheet and learn how food coloring dances through water! 



Gather your planting tools and start digging! 

Spring is the perfect time to grow your garden with pretty flowers and yummy veggies, and it’s another great way to stay active outdoors. Choose your favorite flowers to add bright colors to your landscape. Then mix in tasty vegetables like tomatoes, zucchinis, radishes, and more to grow your planting skills. 



Learn how to make your own pizza from start to finish with the right ingredients and your favorite toppings. Follow along with friends and family and complete the steps in our activity guide. Then set up a picnic outdoors or in your living room and enjoy a cheesy day!   

For even more fun, teach your doll besties everything you’ve learned in the kitchen with the Tasty Toppings accessory set and cook pizza pies for the rest of your doll collection! 



Mix things up with a fun game to see who can find the most items in the house or backyard. Start by making a list of objects based on shapes and colors (ex. look for round objects or things that are yellow) and split up into teams to begin searching.   

Then complete our scavenger hunt checklist to create a sweet slumber party with friends! 



Plan the perfect spa day by making homemade face masks. Choose between an oatmeal scrub or a yogurt mask in our OG Spa Guide and let the pampering begin!

With natural ingredients and a few easy steps, it’s the perfect activity to keep you feeling relaxed and refreshed.



Bring your imagination and ideas to life by painting, drawing, sculpting, and more. Whether it’s a rainy day or you’re taking a break from the outdoors, crafting is the perfect pastime to stay creativeMake artwork to decorate your room, or take a page out of Mienna’s book and write fun stories in your journal. It can even be the next big movie!  

Secret Valentines

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner at Awesome Academy, and the students are getting ready to celebrate with fun crafts and activities!

In this week’s doll interview, we’re chatting with Leo. He just transferred to Awesome Academy, and he’s letting us know how his teacher came up with a way for everyone to enjoy the festivities together – even if some of the students don’t know each other very well.

Read Leo’s interview with us below and see how he (and the rest of his classmates) are preparing for this year’s Valentine’s Day!




Hi Leo! We’re so happy to have you with us today.

Hi! Thank you for having me.


You just joined Awesome Academy this semester, right?

I did. I was feeling nervous because I didn’t know anyone else in the class, and because Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought I was going to be left out when the students exchanged gifts.


Oh, I understand how you feel. It’s not always easy starting a new semester at another school. Is your class planning anything special to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Yes! Our teacher, Miss Taylor, had us write our names and favorite things about Valentine’s Day on a piece of paper. Then we folded it up and put it in a hat for the rest of the class to choose from.

And now, everyone is making a Valentine’s Day gift for the person they chose.


Wow! That’s a fun way to get to know everyone. It sounds like the Secret Santa game, but with a heart-themed twist.

Exactly, it’s called a Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange!

It’s going to help me get to know some of the other students and become better friends. It becomes easier for kids who are a little shy or new to the classroom.

Plus, I like to make crafts, and with everyone’s ideas written on paper, I get to take a sneak peek into their likes and hobbies and add a personal touch to create the perfect gift.


Will everyone tell each other who they chose afterward?

Not right away. We’re going to play a game to see if anyone can guess who their secret valentine is.


That’s very exciting! So, can you tell us which names you’ve picked? We promise to keep it a secret!

Haha, of course. I picked Hally and Kinzie.

One of Hally’s favorite things is candy, so I’m creating a candy jar filled with chocolates, lollipops, and other sweets that she can enjoy on different days.

And on Kinzie’s list, she wrote that she loves stuffed animals and wearing red, so I made her a bear card that I’m going to color and decorate – with a pack of gummy bears taped inside!


Haha, I’m sure they’re each going to love their gifts. And I hope you have a blast when the big day arrives!

Oh yes, I haven’t participated in an activity like this in school before, so I’m really looking forward to it!


Thank you so much for sitting down with us today, Leo. And I hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day with all your classmates!

Thank you again. And have a Happy Valentine’s Day too!


Reading stories and talking with friends are great ways to improve your vocabulary. Try using the words from Leo’s interview below in your next friendly conversation:


Transferred – move from one place to another.

Semester – one half of a school year. Usually, a Fall or Spring semester.

Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange – a fun game where people choose a name at random and give a gift to that person on Valentine’s Day.

Participated – to join in an activity, game, or celebration.

Hello From 2021!

Our OG Crafters Kimmy and Suzee are working on a time capsule project for school, and this activity requires lots of imagination, fun, and excitement because after they complete their capsules, they’re going to find it in the future and enjoy a sweet trip back to the past!

Never heard of a time capsule? A time capsule is a jar, box, or container that stores items like photos, letters, or other objects that you love. Then, it’s hidden away for your future self to find at a later date. And when you open it, you’ll be able to see if some of your favorite items and passions have changed or stayed the same along the way!

Follow along with Kimmy and Suzee to create your own time capsule with our activity sheet and step-by-step guide below. Then use their ideas to gain extra inspiration on what to put inside!


Art Supplies Needed:


  • An empty container: shoebox, jar, plastic bin, or other storage capsule
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape
  • Sheets of paper or construction paper
  • Paint, stickers, markers… anything you want to use to decorate!


*Safety first: this DIY craft requires scissors to cut out the paper. Please get help from an adult to make sure you complete this activity safely.


Let’s Choose Containers

First things first. You need to determine which container you’ll be using to hold your items. For Kimmy, she’s decided to add physical items to her time capsule, so she’ll be using a shoebox to keep everything tidy.

Suzee has chosen to go with a Mason jar, since she’ll be writing down her memories, goals, and favorite items on slips of paper to read in the future. 

Other storage containers work great for this activity too, like a plastic bin to store larger items, a wooden/metal box if you’re thinking of burying your capsule outdoors, or other canning jars for easier storage.


Decorate Your Time Capsule!

Gather your art supplies and start beautifying your container. Each art supply works well with any type of container above, so you can be as creative as you like — there are no limits to your imagination! 

Kimmy and Suzee are starting with titles to put on their containers:



  1. Cut out a piece of paper or construction paper (with adult supervision) to label your time capsule. Kimmy is writing “Time Capsule Celebration!” directly on her shoebox. 

  2. Next, use the glue/tape to stick the label in the center. Suzee’s jar will read: “Suzee’s Time Capsule!”

  3. Optional: Add stickers and draw fun designs with paint and colored markers to decorate your containers even more!

  4. When you’ve finished decorating, pick a date to open your time capsule (it should be far away in the future). Kimmy and Suzee are choosing to open theirs together in exactly 5 years from now! Which special day will you pick?



Into the Time Capsule!

Now is the fun part! It’s time to choose which items will go into your containers. Here are a few ideas that you can use as inspiration:

For her celebration theme, Kimmy is collecting:

  • photos and cards from her past birthdays
  • a keepsake from her first sporting event
  • her favorite book
  • homemade art projects

Suzee is making a more personalized jar, and she’s including:

  • a written note to her future self
  • what she loves the most about herself
  • a list of goals that she wants to achieve by the time she opens her jar
  • her favorites list of movies, music, hobbies, and school subjects


The Perfect Hiding Spot

Keep your time capsule safe by hiding it in the perfect place. It can be somewhere in your room, up in the attic, tucked away in the garage, or anywhere inside your house. You can also get help from your parents to find a great spot where no one else will find it. 

Kimmy is going to put her time capsule in the back of her bedroom closet, while Suzee will hide it inside the top drawer of her dresser. Neat!

*Fun Tip: Keep a reminder of where your time capsule is hiding by creating a map to mark the spot!

Once the time has passed and the big day arrives, you’ll open up your time capsule and be transported back to the past! You’ll remember all the great memories, dreams, and passions you had when you were younger – how exciting!

DIY Gratitude Jar Activity

Learn how to make your own Gratitude Jar by decorating it with your favorite colors and collecting all your happy moments!

Each day, try to think of something that made you smile, a friend or family member’s name, or special items that you have and write them all down on slips of paper to place inside the jar. You can also draw pictures to practice your artistic skills!

Come back to your jar when you need a little inspiration, or take a trip back in time by reading all the wonderful things that you were grateful for in the past!

Gather the supplies below and follow our easy 3-step guide to get started:


  • An empty jar or container
  • Slips of paper and/or label
  • Colored markers
  • Scissors
  • Optional: paint, stickers, or ribbons

*Safety first: this DIY craft requires scissors to cut out the paper. Please get help from an adult to make sure you complete this activity safely.




  1. Choose a color and decorate your jar with fun designs, stickers, and other supplies. Optional: You can also paint your jars in your favorite colors to make it extra bright and personal!
  2. Next, use a slip of paper to create a label and add a title with the colored markers. We’re thinking of Gratitude Jar or Happy Moments!
  3. Lastly, make a list of everything you’re grateful for on separate slips of paper and start filling up your jar. You can also use the OG Gratitude ABCs Worksheet for inspiration!